Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dave and James in Denver

Two of my blog-reading worlds collide in Denver. Dave Barry explains. His blog has photos. James Lileks' video is here.

I found out about this issue while hanging out at the convention center with my fellow journalism professional James Lileks. We were doing what journalists do at major news events, namely, whine that there is no news, when James got a text-message tip that there was a bird-porn protest going on in downtown Denver. ''Bird porn?'' I said. ''I have no idea,'' he said.

Time for eco-friendly transportation.

We immediately hailed a pedicab. Pedicabs are rickshaw-style vehicles pedaled by fit young people who offset your carbon by pedaling you around Denver in exchange for tips.

There was a celebrity-related detour.

After we'd gone a few blocks, another pedicab driver, Colette Valery, zoomed up looking excited and said to Keiren, ``I'm on my way to pick up Daryl Hannah!'' James and I looked at each other. This was a moment of decision, a moment we had been preparing for, as journalism professionals, all our lives. ''Belay the bird porn,'' we told Keiren. ``Follow that pedicab!''

They did eventually get to the protest.

Minutes later we arrived at a busy street corner where a woman was holding up a sign that said, ''DEMOCRATS STOP BIRD PORN!'' She was with two men, one with a bullhorn, who were handing out leaflets that said, ''BIRD WATCHERS ARE VOYEURS!'' and ``LEAVE THE BIRDS ALONE!''

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