Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spitzer's Failing

Now that the media has moved on to other kinky guberatorial shenanigans, I thought I'd jump in with my thoughts on Eliot Spitzer. I think it goes beyond the talk aobut hypocricy. For me it ventures into Crooked Cop territory.

I work closely with law enforcement here, and occasionally talk to the Attorney General. Yes, he's an elected official, but he's also the top legal authority for the state. He's in charge of the state's criminal investigative division. He's regularly asked to interpret the meaning of laws and ballot measures, and in the case of the measures those opinions are actually on the ballot for voters to use. Someone with that kind of authority and responsibility has to be unfailingly on the straight and narrow. If he's not, it affects the morale of the entire legal system.

Personally, I agree with those who think prostituion shouldn't be illegal. But it's one of the laws Spitzer enforced,and as governor was still in charge of the enforcers. He cannot violate those laws. It means too much to too many.

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