Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Going Quietly

Via Dave Barry....Even death won't shut some people up, and others aren't happy about it.

The headstones — fitted with screens and speakers — play recordings of the owners' lives when their loved ones come to pay their respects. But spooked visitors have asked graveyard officials at Linz, Austria, to ban the gadgets.

I found this statement interesting.

He said: "Talking tombstones are very popular in America already and it won't be long before they are a common site in European graveyards so people will have to get used to them."

Admittedly I live in an area that isn't on the cutting edge of the latest trends, but I have never seen one of these tombstones nor heard of one existing in this area. I suspect that people here know that such a device would be forcibly removed or vandalized with the quiet support of the community, so installing one would be a waste of time and money.