Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Celebrate Good Times

At last a break from the chaos that dominates my life. It happens at just the right time; today marks my second wedding anniversary. As usual, I found something trivial to ponder; signing the card I got my wife. In general it seems to be proper to sign a card you give to someone in order to personalize it just a bit, but in this case the card itself is so specific that it seems a bit silly to put my name on it. Oh well, I guess it's nice that my life is such that I can bother with such rumination.

We went out to dinner last night to celebrate. We chose the restaurant for the basest of reasons; my wife had a gift certificate. It also helped that neither of us had been there in years, and that I was in the mood for a large slab of dead cow, in which this place specializes, which is to be expected of a business called The Cattleman's Club that has sawdust instead of carpet on the floor. There are restaurants that serve meals in courses with one being the main course, and places where all other items are "sides" to the specialty; this is the latter. It must be said that they do it well; the steak was very good. But it isn't the type of place to which you go if you're not sure what you feel like eating.

There were other festivities last weekend, specifically the prom. My daughter went as part of a gaggle of mostly girls with a couple of token boys. This concept seems to be quite popular, but it seems to defeat what I had always understood was the purpose of the prom, which was to be a Classy Couples gathering. My wife said only couples were allowed when she was in school, and while I don't recall an actual prohibition at my school, going without a date wasn't considered. The kids still dress up (my wife saw one of her students - whose normal appearance just barely avoids getting him sent home - cleaned up for the prom and it nearly brought tears to her eyes to see how nice he can look) and I suppose widening the options helps attendance, but it seems to detract from the uniqueness of the occasion and make it more like just another dance. But the kids don't seem to think that way, and for all the attention given to it by parents, it is their soiree.