Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Defending His Dollars

As I anticipated, this blog has been sorely neglected, and that will probably continue due to developments that have motivated the use of many and varied obscenities and, if I heard correctly, raised the possibility of an emergency trip to somewhere on the Missouri/Tennessee border to retrieve a wayward automobile. If that seems like just enough information to exaggerate the oddity of the situation, rest assured that more details would not make it seem more sensible. UPDATE: I have just been informed that the required road trip will be shorter and,more importantly, not made by my wife or me. Finally a bit of good news.

James Lileks has been away from his post as well, but for a more pleasant reason; he went to Disneyworld, where he engaged in a fierce battle to minimize wallet weight loss.

They’re out for every dollar, and you must resist. I will not give the Mouse nine dollars for a basket of chicken nuggets. I just won’t. I will not spent $3.29 on a corn dog - unless I’m really hungry, and it’s lunch - and then I’ll take them for all the free ketchup I can. Most of all I will not spent money on soda. This may sound pathetic or penny-wise, depending on your view, but we brought a bottle of water, which I refilled and flavored with those handy little packets of instant sugar-free lemonade. Went through four of them. Saved $15.00! Hah! You may have extracted seven dollars for a corporate-logo-shaped waffle this morning, but I won the fluid-replenishing skirmish.