Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ripple Effect

The basic story.....

A young woman who was shot to death outside of a Maple Grove McDonald's restaurant Sunday was identified Monday by the Hennepin County medical examiner's office as Heather Rose McPherson, 24, of Plymouth. Her on-again, off-again boyfriend, who police say shot her and then committed suicide on a nearby freeway, has been identified as Sedric Jerome Larkins, 24, of Blaine.

Later on in the report, this item.....

McPherson, who has a 9-year-old daughter......

I can't help but notice that this means she was 15yo when she had that baby. A commenter at buzz.mn noted collateral damage at his house.

My 3rd grader came home yesterday and told me that her friend at school won't be coming back to school because she has to go live with her grandfather because her mom was killed at McDonalds.

This is the McDonalds that is less than 2 miles from my house. I take my 2 girls out for breakfast there most Saturday mornings. I'm not sure if my 3rd grader knows that this is "that McDonalds".

may he rot.


Anonymous said...

I hope he does not rot. But I hope he find peace within himself. I knew Sedric from High School, up until we lost contact at the end of 2007. Sedric was an amazing person the whole time I knew of him. This wasn't the person I last hugged in 2007 outside his car and told him I'd see him soon. He always wanted hugs, and he was very personable. I am VERY VERY sad Heather, and her family had to pay. But I am VERY VERY sad that Sedric lost himself, and felt a broken heart and act upon it. May the both Rest in Peace. Yes, Peace.

Anonymous said...

finds* & acted*

Anonymous said...

I knew Heather and she was a strong beautiful woman. Yes she had her daughter young, but took excellent care of her. My daughter and her daughter were good friends. So don't tell me Cedric was a nice guy..Nice guys don't MURDER single mom's in broad daylight at Mcdonald's. She did everything right when breaking up with him. He didn't care what happened. If he couldn't have her no one could

Anonymous said...

Re: the comment "May he rot." Wow. You truly are a sad person. His friends and family have to read this. Also, it's so easy for you to judge. What you should focus on is the hardship that each family will endure as a result of this. That said, my heart goes out to BOTH families.

Mike said...

To clarify, "may he rot" was part of the comment at buzz.mn, and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of this humble blogger

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if there is a fund for Heather's daughter set up? I have been looking and have not found one. I knew Sedric in high school and I can't imagine what changed so much from then to now but it is obvious something did. He went from a very kind hearted and friendly person to a cold blooded killer, that is a fact. My thoughts and prayers are with Heather's daughter and family. My thoughts and prayers are also with Sedric's family for they will never be the same knowing what Sedric turned into. There is obviously either mental illness or drug abuse involved and everyone who knew him will have to live with the fact that no what did anything to help him with these problems but rather probley thought "it was a phase". Well it was a phase a phase that ended with him murdering a mother, a daughter, a friend.

Anonymous said...

there is a fund for Alex
all checks must be made out to heather rose McPherson
and sent to
Starcor credit union
1426 7 bank st
Becker MN 55308
thank you all for you comforting words,support and prayers

Anonymous said...

I loved Sedric. I dont know what happened that day. I couldnt have imagined this in my worst nightmare.I dont think he knew how to cope with betrayal and rejection. I feel he loved heather w feelings he never had about anyone before. I believe heather played sedric creating a person we never saw before. betrayal can do a lot to a person.what happens when a person uses and betrays a person who has never been treated like trash?

Anonymous said...

Too bad he didn't love you enough to kill you. Jeez, if hurting someone's feelings is a crime worthy of the death penalty, alot of us would be gone. I never met the monster that killed her, he wasn't a big part of Heather's life, he was never introduced to the family. But if you want to talk about betrayal, why don't you ask her daughter!

Anonymous said...

That is sooooo true!!! He was not a big deal in Heather's life at all! Why didnt he just kill himself if he wanted to take some ones life away! Why did Heather have to pay with her life for the feelings he couldn't handle! Heather, I love you and I miss you! It's so not fair that your gone because some selfish cold person decided to take your life away and love poor inoccent Alex with out a mother!

Anonymous said...

That is sooooo true!!! He was not a big deal in Heather's life at all! Why didnt he just kill himself if he wanted to take some ones life away! Why did Heather have to pay with her life for the feelings he couldn't handle! Heather, I love you and I miss you! It's so not fair that your gone because some selfish cold person decided to take your life away and leave poor inoccent Alex with out a mother!

Heather's Best Friend said...

I hung out with heather all the time she was and is my best friend. i would talk to her 10 15 times a day sometimes more. we were each others rock, each others go to person when u just need to vent, talk, feel, love, learn, hav fun. And i feel she needs me to speak for her now- I know Sedric personally and i don't and didn't like anything about him. heather always felt like she could fix people and make them into better people-but in this case it back fired.to u people saying that sedric could do no wrong and would never harm anyone. he hit heather in the face at a resturant a couple months b4 her death and also he was a drug dealer/user abuser- he huffed that stuff called PIG SWEAT seen him do it my self.and he smokes marijuana drinks and sell drugs too. he always told heather he was going to kill himself like when they argued and she hung up on him or wouldn't answer his phone calls. and even while she was at work school,or just busy, if she didnt answer, he would guilt trip her too. if she wanted to go hang with friends and family he would say he's going to kill himself all the time-he would say ur goin 2 b with other guys. he was a very jealous guy, on occasion he would call my phone looking for her and she would b sitting right next to me telling me to say shes not here.scared of him yea she was.she would call me and say do u think i should talk to him he keeps leavin mean psycho messages threating to kill himself or hurt himself.and i would tell her ignore him and she would always feel bad like it was her fault and giv in and call him. the day she died she called me and said do u think i should go meet him to give him his playstation back and all his stuff and i said NO!!-stay home with the girls and hav a girls day and wait till i come over i'll go with ya- but she left to go meet him anyway and now...well a very mental and SELFISH man took her away from everyone she loved and everyone who loves her.speaking of selfish-he obviously didnt care to much about his friends and families thoughts or feelings either. its very sad that this man had to go as far as to MURDER a beautiful young mother. AND THATS A FACT> whether all u people say, well the sedric we knew was a very good person- the facts are... HE"S A COLD BLOODED MURDER!-there is no way passed the truth.
REST IN PEACE!HEATHER "paris" ROSE MCPHERSON! I MISS YOU DEARLY< I THINK ABOUT U EVERYDAY IN ALL THAT I DO!!!! Ally Cat, I Love You!Stay STRONG Like Ur MAMA baby girl!HEATHER was a very independent sophisticated woman that would make anyone proud! i was and still am her biggest fan. I'm So proud of everthing she had accomplished! I LOVE YOU ALWAYS AND FOR ETERNITY Hun! BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I realize that this was written a long time ago however I just ran across it when looking for something else. I'm curious..why did you write about this? It doesn't seem like any of your more recent blogs? It was started the day after the murder, hardly time to get the facts correct but just in time to cause alot of pain don't you think?