Saturday, April 4, 2009

Will There Be a Two-Drink Minimum?

Via 2 Blowhards....There's a movement to add another activity to the Olympics.

Beach volleyball may no longer be the hottest summer Olympic sport to tune into in 2012 if a critical mass of pole dancers manages to convince the Olympic Committee that the athleticism in the activity is gold-medal competition-worthy, (once you get past the stiletto heels).

Why the summer Olympics? I assume this would be held indoors, and the winter Olympics can always use another big draw,which this would doubtless be. There is some support.

.....more than 100,000 people, (not all men), have already signed on to a two-month old Facebook petition supporting Olympic inclusion.....

There are also obstacles.

There are a few foreseeable hurdles that Kakuk and supporters will have to overcome before they can convince the Committee. For starters, how to deal with the hot factor? How do these athletes plan to get around the platform stiletto pump action (required gear for pole fitness), without getting the judges all hot and bothered? And what about the teeny booty shorts (another indispensable part of the uniform)?

I can imagine "pros" competing with ex-gymnasts who outgrew that sport. Listening to sportscasters call the "action" could be priceless. But the last thing the Olympics needs is another competition that relies on judging.

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