Sunday, January 11, 2009

Back in the High Life?

Tyler Wilson ponders an American staple.

Miller High Life has been brewed for over 100 years, and is often considered the forerunner to the modern American lager.

I often get too caught up in trying all the expensive imports and microbrews. In this economy, I’d thought I’d revisit an American classic instead of another $8 six-pack of Fancy Pants Silly Name Ale.

It was a big-time player.

At its peak in 1979, High Life was the number-two beer in the nation behind Budweiser.

I recall it being the beer to drink in my hometown bar in the 1970s, although I was a Schmidt drinker,the Big-Mouth glass bottles in particular. But nothing lasts forever.

Since the early 1990s, there’s of course been a backlash against your father’s beer. Imports and microbrews have ruled.

He's optimistic about the future,though.

It may not be too cool to drink your father’s beer, but it’s OK to drink your grandfather’s beer. So I look forward to finding and rediscovering these classics, starting with the High Life.

What does he think?

Miller has a clean taste that’s nice enough — my initial thoughts were that it had a kind of wang to it, but after a few drinks I was happy enough with the taste. Not hoppy or anything, but a little sweet.

I also tried the High Life Light.......The Light tasted pretty similar to the regular High Life.......High Life Light is a nice enough beer to drink while playing backyard bocce once the weather warms up. Refreshing and light.


Unknown said...

One thing you have to say about the macrobrews is that they're consistent. I don't think they're bad either, though I'd rather drink just about anything else. They're just boring. They lack zest. I'd rather have a beer that takes chances and fails than one which is predictable and safe.

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