Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Just Hide in the Closet Until It's Safe

From James Lileks at

“Animal complaint. A woman called to report that there was a fox near her mailbox 30 minutes earlier, on the 1600 block of Granada Avenue. The woman said the fox was not aggressive and did not look sick.”

AhhhOOOOHGAH! Now hear this! Now hear this! Nature intrudes on human development! Be on the lookout for actual creature! Fox does not talk, stand on hind legs, or otherwise resemble foxes from movies, repeat, fox does not appear to be voiced by a celebrity.

This reminded me of a call taken by Minnehaha County dispatch and passed to me from a person reporting wild geese in a tree strip in a field in rural Lincoln County. The caller was concerned that they would eventually move onto the road and become a traffic hazard. I decided against alerting Game, Fish and Parks officers.