Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm Sure It Was Fun

Well, I wasn't the only one messing about with my computer yesterday (see previous post). James Lileks was having just as much fun.

It was all set back by the joys of ISP switchover day - this morning the internet went out at 8:35, and since I have come to rely on it in the sense one relies on finding a foot at the end of your leg when you get out of bed in the morning, this was bad.

He does have an advantage that I don't enjoy with my desktop: mobility.

I went off to a neighborhood coffee shop to work.

But then things didn't go as well for him as for me.

My work done for the day - in addition to blogging I’d managed to upload that inaugural address compilation to the paper at the coffee shop - I decided to get the New internet up and running. Got a tech right away. Nate, in Eden Prairie. Nice clear connection. Ahhh, the benefits of a local ISP. He asked for the modem make and serial number. I told him., Sharp intake of breath. “Ah, I don’t think we support those.” A red curtain descended.

I had a similar experience; the Midcontinent ISP person noted that my modem was of ancient vintage (as I recall I bought it from the Gateway store in North Sioux City in 2000) and that an upgrade might be desirable in the future. However, she also said that it seems to be working fine now, so I may as well stick with it. James seemed to have good luck as well.

But he said he’d try, and sure enough, he found a tech-spec page; we found our way into the settings and updated its logon info.

But good luck rarely lasts with electronics.

Long story short: everything worked, and then it didn’t, and somehow setting up the wireless network destroyed everything and unsheathed the sword of Ragnarok, etc. Back to troubleshooting tomorrow.

He also noted this....

Picked up daughter from the bus stop. What did you do in school? They watched the inauguration all day, in every class, including music.

Now I must make a startling confession. I did not watch any of the Inauguration or it's ancillary events. Not out of any animus, political or otherwise; I'm as relieved as anyone at the way events have unfolded,and I hope the Obama Administration is wildly successful (but then like most people I've always wished new Presidents well; it seems silly to do otherwise, doesn't it?).

I didn't watch for the same reason I don't watch trophy presentations after major sporting events. The election was the actual big deal; yesterday was an extended handing over of the keys to the offices. Besides, I'm simply not moved by speeches, parades, awards ceremonies, etc., especially on television, and this was a combination of all of those.

Perhaps it's a result of the years I spent in television airing such events. I was usually occupied with the technical aspects of making sure it went well, which usually involved much hyperventilation and putting out of fires, figurative and literal. It's also possible that I'm one of those short-attention-span types who hates sitting still long enough. Whatever the reason, I had no desire to view yesterday's proceedings and pomp. My interest is in what comes next.