Monday, February 9, 2009

Just Famous Enough

James Lileks went shopping, and encountered a groupie.

When I got to the register I apologized for not having my Eddie Bauer Friends card, and the clerk said she could find me - whereupon one of the clerks, to my amazement, said “Oh, Jim’s in the system.” Whereupon another clerk turned around and said “You’re James Lileks, the columnist! I love your columns!

Oh, that never gets old. I suppose when you reach a level of ubiquitous fame modern slang-enthusiasts would describe as sick you would tire of being praised by strangers in public, but for the majority of people in the typing game it’s like being hosed down with warm ambrosia. Why, yes, I am! Why yes. Thank you. You’re always a bit surprised to find that the things you type are actually disseminated beyond your own head.