Saturday, February 28, 2009

Only British?

Dom Joly has a new gig.

I was offered an interesting programme recently that I said yes to without really thinking about it. It's called Made in Britain, and the idea, or so I thought, was that I potter around the UK in a Morgan looking at the few remaining things that are actually made in this country.

But he didn't read the fine print.

So tomorrow, a removals firm along with some "auditors" are coming to my house and removing everything in it that isn't made in Britain.

This could cause trouble.

My wife is Canadian, so she'll have to go. My kids were "made" in Canada and possibly in France if my memory serves me right. They were born here, however, so they can probably stay. What about the dogs? Oscar is a flat-coated retriever from the Sussex Downs, so I think he's OK. Huxley, however, as a Labrador, shares the same dodgy Canadian origins as my wife and may have to pack up his bones and leave with her.