Monday, February 9, 2009

Rain and Taxes

February rain; what a concept. There was even a bit of thunder and lightning last night. Well, it's better than what we usually get this time of year, and I'm sure the people around Melbourne would love some rain.

I finally got taxes done; we'll get enough back to pay property taxes and get the credit card off life support. That's pretty much all I expect. I will have to make some adjustments soon,though, to allow for the daughter coming off my return sometime in the near future. She filed her first tax return this year. *sigh*

I used Turbo Tax again this year. It works pretty well and gets the refund back faster. I used the free version, which requires a bit more typing but saves the fee. My wife used to go to H&R Block before we were married, and her daughter still does. I've never had much trouble doing taxes myself; it's just a bit tedious. Of course I do have a knack for math, and my taxes have never been terribly complicated.