Sunday, April 5, 2009

Broaden Your Beer Horizons

While doing a small-scale test to find beers that go well with chocolate (really), Tyler Wilson issued a challenge.

Generally, when pairing a beverage with chocolate or a chocolate desserts, the standard is red wine or port. Yet beer in many of its brewing styles is just complex as red wine, and some beer matches perfectly with chocolate.

This, to get on my soapbox, is part of the exercise here: We beer drinkers need to get more adventurous. We need to work harder to find out what best pairs with beer. One style might go well with a certain cheese or chicken dish, while others may not. The key is to try it all. You don’t think all those wine-pairing books and sites came about as common knowledge, do you? No, someone had to try it to see what works. Let’s move beer away from simply pairing it with burgers or pizza.


Dale said...

For what it's worth, I think this is slowly happening in some quarters. I see a lot of talk along these lines in the home-brewing and microbrew circles.

It's overdue. There's a lot of interesting variation in beer (to put it mildly) and it deserves to be explained by the culinary nerds.

The Big B said...

Mike, the next time you're in Sioux Falls, you have got to check out a place called Monk's. It's on East 8th Street across from the 8th and RR center. With your attitude about beer, I guarantee you won't be disappointed.