Friday, May 30, 2008

The Circus Continues

Now Chelsea Clinton is coming here. Hillary caused a commotion in Madison. Obama is due back again this weekend. All trying to kiss up to 193,131 Democrats, according to the latest figures. It really is something to watch.

Those figures are interesting in another way. Independent voters had the largest percentage increase, twice as much as Democrats and 10 times as much as Republicans. They're now 15 percent of registered voters, enough to help give a Democrat at least a theoretical shot at winning. Most information I can find gives the state to McCain, though, which is why we should enjoy the attention while we can; it will vanish quickly.

I also just got an automated phone call from Ron Paul. He's still going.


Dale said...

It really does come to an end, all this ridiculous campaigning. Hang in there ... not much longer to go.


Mike said...

It's actually rather entertaining, and we owe it all to Clinton's delusions. Had she done what a rational person would do and conceded none of this would be happening.

I should note that none of the candidates are coming to the state Capital, what with a Republican Governor and all.

Brian said...

There have been some hints that Obama might consider Daschle for the VP slot. Might that help put SD over the top for Obama? Or is he more interested in reclaiming his place from Thune?