Friday, May 16, 2008

Obama in South Dakota

Obama actually said something worthy of reporting while he was here. That's a nice departure from the usual stops national candidates make in South Dakota. Typically they toss out a generic speech with fill-in-the-blank South Dakota references, then move on. Of course, it's hard to ignore George Bush when he's out embarrassing himself overseas.

I agree with Doug Wiken at Dakota Today that all the candidates will forget about us after the election. At least John Thune is getting some attention as a VP candidate, though I can't imagine McCain actually picking him. It got me to thinking though; how long has it been since a South Dakota Republican got some positive national notice? Considering the heavily Republican leanings here, it's interesting how often we send Democrats to DC.

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Dale said...

Sadly, yes, the candidates will go back to ignoring South Dakota (and Oregon) once the election is over. As usual. But it's nice to have a somewhat-almost meaningful primary for once, yes?

I saw Obama's remarks in SD -- and I liked them. He's kicking back against the lies fairly well.