Thursday, May 1, 2008

Another Health Tip Debunked

Via 2 Blowhards, This New York Times article reporting the lack of any scientific basis for drinking copious amounts on water. The idea always seemed a little silly to me., unless you're a big fan of urination. Thirst has been getting a bad rap. It's always been a pretty good indicator, just like hunger. Drinking when you're not thirsty isn't any better for you than eating when you're not hungry, although it also probably doesn't have the downside of overeating. It seems like good health always comes back to the old standard of common-sense moderation.

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Douglas said...

After more or less keeping track of all the latest life-saving diet information, my wife and I have pretty much come to the same kind of a conclusion. Moderation. Don't eat nothing but margerine. Don't eat nothing but butter. Etc. etc....etc.

However, there might be some wisdom in zero tobacco, zero booze, and at least trimming off the fat before frying or skimming it off the soup, etc.

The pollutants we get with our food such as contamination from plastics may be something else again however. Not necessarily part of "diet", but certainly has to do with eating.

We buy a regional bakery bread here, but if it is not removed from the crappy plastic bags they use nearly immediately, every bun or slice of bread will taste of plastic.