Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Abandoned Puppet

Much has been said, most recently over at Dakota Today, about President Bush's increasing cluelessness (even for him) about almost anything. I thought I'd re-post some of my comment here, along with my thoughts on a post Dale had at Faith in Honest Doubt speculating on Bush's post-presidency.

It's been said that he's one of those people who was born on third base but goes through life thinking he hit a triple. He's the lamest lame-duck president I've seen since LBJ decided not to run and got completely written off. He's flopping around like a puppet whose puppeteers have stopped paying attention, which is exactly what has happened. They're busy getting ready to set fire to the sack of crap they'll leave on the White House doorstep for the next President.

As for what he'll do when he's out of office, I think it'll be pretty much what he did before: as Dale put it.......

....Cuttin' brush, cashin' checks, sittin' in luxury boxes of major league baseball games.........

The only thing in his adult life he didn't screw up was serving as a puppet for others. Now that he's of no more use to them, he can do what I've suspected (based on his recent appearance in the ESPN booth at a baseball game) he'd rather do anyway: sit around drinking beer and shooting the breeze with the boys while watching sports. Really, would you want him trying to do anything else?

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