Monday, April 7, 2008

3.2 Flu

Michael D. at Balloon Juice notes that 75 years ago today prohibition was modified to allow beer with up to 3.2.% alcohol. (Further research finds that to get around the Constitution they classified it as "non-intoxicating"; they should have seen the college parties that I saw.)
I remember 3.2 beer; until the mid 80's, when the feds blackmailed the states into raising drinking ages, 18-year-olds could purchase it here. There were a number of 3.2 joints in South Dakota, particularly in college towns. In a lot of small towns, where both levels of beer were served, bars only kept a small amount of 3.2 on hand. I don't recall ever being served one in my hometown bar. It's still made and sold in some areas.

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