Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lingering Medication

James Lileks, fresh from a dentist's appointment involving heavy medication, commenting on a 1914 frog infestation that had been compared to a biblical plague.....

Biblical plague! You can even sing it to the Addams Family song if you substitute “biblical plague” for the opening harpsicord riff.

Biblical plague! (snap snap) Biblical plague! (snap snap) Biblical plague! Biblical plague! Biblical plague! (snap snap) It’s Moses-style Old-timey / the rain of things all slimy / They’ve pointed spotty hineys / the overrunning frogs / The town was known as Melrose / the creatures’ feet had four toes / the reason? Who the hell knows / the overrunning frogs!”

Okay, obviously the drugs are still working.

Almost makes me want to visit the dentist,if I can get the same drugs.

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