Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Random Items for Tax Day

As every news outlet has mentioned, today is the deadline for Federal tax return filing. Dave Barry has some tips.I don't know anyone who hasn't already done this and spent the refund. I've always assumed that people who put this off are the ones who have to pay in. I've never found doing my taxes to be that difficult, mostly because I don't have much for deductions.

It looks like Northwest Airlines and Delta Airlines are going to get their merger done. Northwest has two flights a day out of Pierre Airport (now boarding at gate 1 and only), so this is of some local interest. Hopefully something good will come of it. The airline industry seems to be in a constant state of chaos, of operating on the edge. It goes through these occasional spasms of consolidation but never seems to settle. I am one of of a truly rare breed in that I have never flown commercially. I've never had the need, and frankly it doesn't sound like it's anything I want to do unless I have no choice.

MSNBC is showing oil at over $113 a barrel. I really do wonder how long that can go on before the economy grinds down. Oil is in just about everything. Of course, oil company stocks are up.
I have always wanted someone to explain to me why, if oil companies aren't gouging, their profits go up when oil goes up. I always thought that if your expenses rise and you raise your prices just enough to compensate, your profits should remain steady. I'm sure there's some accounting explanation for it, but it still doesn't seem right.

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