Wednesday, April 23, 2008

All for Nothing

So after all the hooey, the Pennsylvania primary turned out more or less exactly as predicted weeks ago. Further more, it actually lessened Clinton's mathematical chance of winning. I really wouldn't care about this except that it makes TV news almost unwatchable as they hash over old ground. At least now the remaining primaries aren't that far off. The six-week gap between major primaries was ludicrous.

I think the way to do this would be to have three groups of primaries. The first group would allocate 25% of the delegates. This should be big enough to shake out at least some of the field. The next group would be a month later and would allocate 30%, which should whittle the field to the real contenders. The last group a month later would allocate the remaining 45%. This should be sufficient to make them important enough to eliminate the ridiculous rush to be early. The whole process would be over in two months (not counting however far in advance candidates start campaigning). I realize that this would require a great deal of cat herding and/or strong-arming by the national party to implement, but a guy can dream.

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