Friday, May 2, 2008

Women's Golf

ESPN2 has an LPGA tournament on. I'm not sure if I can say this without sounding sexist, so let me say up front that it's just a comparison to the LPGA of the past: there are more young, fairly attractive women on the tour. I remember watching the LPGA in the 70's, when Nancy Lopez made a splash because,besides being a fine golfer, she was cute. It was considered noteworthy. Part of it could be that fashions have improved as well; I recall women's golf clothing looking pretty much like men's in the 70's.

I must say there seems to be plenty of personality on the LPGA tour,more than the PGA, which is generally pretty bland compared to the past with the likes of Lee Trevino, Gary Player, and Chi Chi Rodriguez. I was working at a TV station years ago that broadcast a Skins Game that had the legendary Sam Snead in the group. He had played before the boom-microphone era, so he said what he felt; if he hit a shitty shot,that's what he called it,usually loudly. It was great fun, although I imagine the poor NBC people held their breath every time it was Sam's turn.

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