Saturday, October 11, 2008

Follicle Failure

Ariel Leve is losing her hair.

Not in clumps, or in patches; it's an overall shedding.

About two months ago I noticed that my ponytail, which has always been thick and coarse, has now become thin. Also, there's hair everywhere.

She went to see a specialist.

He told me on a scale of one to four - I was a four. A four? That didn't sound so bad. Until he explained four was the worst.

There's a prime suspect.

I don't eat meals. I graze. Like a goat. Only a goat probably eats protein. Something I've been lacking.

The prognosis is encouraging.

He tried to reassure me that this was fixable. He could help. I would have my thick hair again, and it would grow back - it takes time. "But how do you know?" I asked. He said he's never been wrong. I would get blood tests, and we'd find the problem.

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