Friday, October 10, 2008


I've had a really hard time getting motivated. The weather has turned blustery, with snow in the Black Hills. John McCain is turning into Abe Simpson. The stock market is in full nostalgia mode, flashing back to the days when 9000 was a far-off dream. Grandbaby has her first cold. I noticed that my haircut intervals are returning to what they were 25 years ago when I wore it long, only now it's because the hair is starting from higher up and therefore has farther to go before it becomes enough of a nuisance to overcome my aversion to spending the money necessary to get it cut.

Time to try the bright side. Gasoline prices have gone down 50 cents in the last week,with more declines likely considering oil prices are continuing to fall, which has the added benefit of upsetting some unsavory people (Saudi sheiks,Vladimir Putin). Living in a decidedly non-swing state (a ham sandwich would win here if it was the Republican presidential nominee) means I'm spared the worst of the campaign sewage. The weather is still in that range that keeps the need for indoor climate alteration to a minimum, thus reducing both the gas and electricity bills. No one on MSNBC has yet suffered a physical breakdown, which allows their spasms to be enjoyed without guilt. The AIG honchos were forced to cancel a party in California. Halloween candy will still be on sale for three more weeks. All in all, about the best I can expect.

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