Monday, October 27, 2008

Next, The Rolling Stones Without Mick Jagger

This completely mystifies me.

Rock legends Led Zeppelin are planning to tour and record but without frontman Robert Plant.

Bassist John Paul Jones told BBC Radio Devon that a new singer was being sought after Plant ruled himself out.

He said that he and guitarist Jimmy Page along with drummer Jason Bonham did not want a replica of Plant. He said: "It's got to be right. There's no point in just finding another Robert."

I don't think they'll have to worry about finding another Robert Plant.

Do they really think this will work? I know AC/DC and Queen have new frontmen, but death forced those changes. If you're (wisely) not going to try to duplicate Plant, then change the name of the band and try to forge a new legacy.

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Anonymous said...

A "Reunion" - without Robert Plant?!?! - Where's the reunion??