Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thanks For the Money, New Jersey

Dale over at Faith in Honest Doubt pointed me to a Tax Foundation chart of how much individual states got back in federal money for every dollar paid in federal taxes for fiscal year 2005. The top 10......

New Mexico $2.03 Mississippi $2.02 Alaska $1.84 Louisiana $1.78 West Virginia $1.76
North Dakota $1.68 Alabama $1.66 South Dakota $1.53 Kentucky $1.51 Virginia $1.51

New Jersey, Nevada and Connecticut get the biggest shaft with less than 70 cents back per dollar. Dale about breaks even out in Oregon (93 cents), as does Brian down in Florida (97 cents). The next time I'm near the Minnesota border I'll have to see if I can spot the money flowing this way (72 cents).

I had heard South Dakota was a federal mooch, but I'd never seen actual numbers. It's something for people here to keep in mind when they talk about federal spending.

I may have to check their methodology,though. I wonder how much of that results from the Pentagon keeping airplanes here (Ellsworth Air Force base), or federal highway funds to help people drive through on their way to somewhere else (or to Mt. Rushmore National Memorial, a federal operation)? I'm guessing federal farm programs are a significant contributor.

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