Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Try Not To Spread It

Day Off, TV On. Ben Bernanke gave a speech which can be roughly summed up "Many things are rotten, and there are other things that could start rotting at any moment. We may have to do something sometime." Stock traders showed their enthusiasm by dropping the Dow as he spoke. Now George Bush is spewing forth the usual vapid cheerleader rhetoric with that "I don't know where I am" look we've all come to find so endearing.

I still think that the various toxins are going to have to work their way through the system, and there isn't much any of these people can do. I also think it's worth remembering that any government commitments are borrowed money, and therefore coming out of our grandchildren's pockets. Things are going to suck now anyway; we could at least try to avoid passing this on in addition to what we've already got waiting for them.

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