Saturday, December 27, 2008

Better to Observe Than to Experience

James Lileks went to Arizona for Christmas.

I love AZ, but half of the flora evolved with the specific intention of killing anything that tried to get its water.

There's also the risk of losing one's edge while living there.

That warmth changes you. Makes you soft.


It's seductive. There's a weak, cowardly part of you that enjoys standing outside at night without dying or having to whack your hand against the wall for five minutes to get feeling back in your fingers.

Not at Christmastime,though.

But last week I missed the snow. We'd left in the teeth of a blizzard, heard reports of howling winds and double-digit-below temps, and it sounded perfect. It sounded like Christmas.

I can safely say that the blizzard probably sounded better from Arizona than it felt here. Like hunger and other forms of deprivation, experiencing such conditions is much better as an option than as a requirement.

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