Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Just Make It Out In One Piece

Lemmonex and I agree about this time of year.

Now, I am a fairly honest girl and I feel the need to be upfront about something: I don’t particularly care for the holidays......I tire of the crowds and the forced cheer. Christmas music makes my ears bleed. My family lives in Florida now, and palm trees with holiday lights is just all kinds of messed up. I am a New England girl and if I have to do Christmas, I want to be under a blanket, drinking coffee and Bailey’s, as I open my gifts.

For me the worst part is organizing a family gathering. All four of us boys are married, so there are other families to consider. One year the gatherings were spread out over about 3 months. It's always a blessed relief when everyone agrees on a single date and location. At least we all live in-state, so the travel logistics aren't too bad. But now our kids are growing up, so the dynamic will change.

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