Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Rash of Rodents

Chris Erskine's house has been blessed with new life.

Two weeks before Thanksgiving, the little guy received a dwarf hamster as a gift from one of his big brother's friends.

It started off a bit rough.

One of the new varmint's first acts was to bite my wife -- so we had that in common. (If she were any sweeter, she'd be a Godiva store.) The hamster's second act was to run with reckless abandon in his little hamster wheel. Humans have jobs, hamsters have little wheels in which they run round and round, getting nowhere. Same principle.

The exercise was just a warm-up for more work, as well as a bit of a surprise.

.......on Thanksgiving morning, the hamster gave birth to eight little peanut-sized babies. I assume it was a natural delivery, since no doctor was on duty. Till that moment, we were pretty sure she was a he.

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