Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Small Joy of Parenting

James Lileks attended a Fun Run with his daughter, which provided a chance to do what all parents enjoy once in a while.

It was fun; hence the name. The music was good. I knew all the tunes, and just like last year, brought humiliation to my child by singing the lyrics out loud and making Rock Faces. All the parents - most of them late-procreators, like me - got seriously down to Funkytown, and you could feel the shame rolling off the kids in bright red waves.

My daughter (who turns 18 today, which makes my back ache just a little more) used to live in fear of embarrassment by her nutty Dad. Once she realized that I probably wasn't actually going to show up at school during lunch, yell "my little girl!" and hug her in front of her friends she developed a sense of humor about my silliness, although she still has concerns about potential boyfriends meeting me.

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