Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Snow and Ice Doesn't Change Much from Year to Year

James Lileks speaks (types?) for many of us about first-snow driving silliness.

This is the most inexplicable aspect of life in this state. I can understand how new arrivals might be baffled – and by “new arrivals” I mean creatures from another world whose proximity to a star makes frozen precipitation impossible, and who have no experience with steering a starcruiser into a skid. Otherwise, there’s no excuse for driving like an idiot. Even if this is your first winter. Especially if this is your first winter here. Hmm – visibility’s down and the pavement beneath my wheels seems obscured by some odd slippery substance. I’d better accelerate and get right up behind the car in front of me, and see if the driver can explain this phenomenon by blinking a Morse Code explanation into his rearview mirror.

Honestly: blaming bad driving on “learning how to drive on snow again” is like blaming drowning on “learning that you can’t walk on water in June.”

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