Friday, May 23, 2008

How To Handle This

I was looking back at this humble blog and trying to decide how to handle it. I see and greatly appreciate the comments the posts get, but I still don't know if I should respond to them or not.
So I ask the 3 or 4 of you who stop by; do you go back and look for replies to comments you may have left? I know I check up on posts at other blogs to see if a thread develops or if someone responds to a comment I leave, but I'm still new at handling my own posts. Feel free to make any other suggestions for improvement while you're at it.


Dale said...

Mike, I do follow the comments on posts where I've commented. I do so using the 'email follow-up comments to ...' feature, which comes with the google/blogger account. I have that hitched to my e-mail so I see the subsequent comments as e-mails. This only works on blogger blogs -- the typepads and wordpress (etc.) blogs don't "see" the google account or the e-mail address attached to it.

Mike said...

Dale, another frequent conundrum I have is, when I read something interesting on another site, whether to comment there, post here,or both. Usually it depends on how desperate I am for material here,although it is part of the American Way to milk something for all you can get.

Dale said...

Mike, you've touched on another good point there -- the inner struggle we bloggers can feel about blogging on already much-discussed topics.

My take is to go ahead and dive in if I find the topic worthwhile, even if it has already been covered. I usually find in the course of writing and thinking that I have something, -- albeit small, albeit possibly insane -- to throw in. Above all, I approach blogging as a creative activity as much or more than an analytical one, almost as a form of poetry -- that the manner of expression matters as much or more than the content. So there is no "final" blog post on a topic any more than there is a "final" poem about lost love, even within the boundaries of a single blog.

... and that's how I justify repeating myself so much.

So I say: if the spirit moves you, write! If in doubt, write!