Saturday, May 10, 2008

More on Lab-Grown Meat

The Times of London has a fairly detailed article on a subject I've mentioned before: growing meat in a laboratory. It offers more details on the current state of the science (mincemeat for burgers or sausages likely within 10 years: steaks, etc need technology that doesn't exist yet) from New Harvest, an organization that is promoting it.

The recent kerfuffle here over a new hog farm being built in SE South Dakota demonstrates the potential support this idea could get once the technology matures. Anyone who has been to one of those places would be in favor of anything that could replace them.

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Unknown said...

I'm certainly not a vegetarian, but I've gotten to the point where I only eat poultry and fish because I can't justify to myself the amount of energy it takes to produce red meat, especially beef--9 pounds of corn to produce one pound of beef is too high a price for me, especially since the corn makes cows sick in the first place. Grass-fed beef, okay, as long as that's all it eats, but I can't generally afford that on my salary, so I do without. And you know something? I feel better as a result.