Friday, May 30, 2008

Next Up: A New Jaws Movie

Rambo, Indiana Jones, now this. Is Eddie Murphy still a bankable leading man? It's a shame William Powell is dead, or they could do another Thin Man movie.


Dale said...

Sad. In the rare instance when Eddie Murphy can be talked into being a character actor, he can be brilliant and brilliantly funny. But he wants to be the wise-cracking leading man, and in that kind of role, he's terrible, predictable, unfunny.

Mike said...

I have to admit I haven't seen much of Murphy in a long time. My daughter likes the Dr. Dolittle movies he did, and from what little I've seen of those he seems to be alright as straight man for the talking animals.

My wife actually likes the idea of another Beverley Hills Cop movie.
I just hope they don't have him wearing the letter jacket and trying to act like he did in the first movies. That would be an embarrassment.