Tuesday, November 4, 2008

At Last

Two days off, and Election Day! I'll vote with the wife after she gets off work today and get a flu shot tomorrow, which is somehow vaguely connected. It's 60 degrees out, but the wind is strong and foreboding, and the forecast is gloomy, although perhaps seasonal is a better description. The last few days have been so far above normal as to be suspicious; people carried coats in case the temperature suddenly collapsed and snow hit.

In case you're wondering, Dick Cheney is spending Election Day here in South Dakota shooting at domestically-raised pheasants at a lodge north of Pierre. I wonder if he'll be back after he's out of office. I imagine it would be more relaxed and enjoyable then, although he'll have to use a Halliburton airplane instead of Air Force Two, which I doubt will be a problem, given all the money he's made for them.

A few years ago I talked to a Secret Service agent who was part of Cheney's detail. He had never been anywhere like South Dakota before. He called it "a hidden treasure" and hoped he'd be back. I imagine that job could be monotonous. A chance to be outdoors free of protesters, even on duty and knowing that the VP is armed, must be a nice change from guarding look-alike hotels at undisclosed locations.

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