Friday, November 28, 2008

Canine Contentment

I hope everyone had would be considered a good Thanksgiving. I suppose good company and/or good food would constitute the standard description; some would add good football, in which case they were disappointed unless they are Cowboys or Titans fans.

I worked until 3pm and my wife went to work at 5, so there weren't any festivities at my house. She and my daughter did have dinner at my wife's grandmother's place. I got to spend the evening babysitting Grandbaby, so the good company goal was achieved.

James Lileks had a fine day, and his dog did even better.

Jasper Dog got his usual plate at the end of the meal – no bones, don’t worry. Then he parked himself in the kitchen and put his head between his paws and stared up at the leftovers for an hour. Now he’s up on the bed, stretched out as if leaping across a great chasm.

I just went into the bedroom to see how he was – eyes twitching, mouth moving, paws vibrating in some ancient dream. He woke up – stretched – gave my hand a lick – and silently issued a hind-gust that would make Satan himself drop to one knee – although whether in horror or admiration, I can’t say.

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