Tuesday, March 3, 2009

False Pretenses

The mention of getting a t-shirt from an event in which you didn't participate led me to try to recall the various t-shirts, etc. that I've had that had messages of some type and how many named items I actually used. I've had a fair amount of such material, although nothing like what kids have today; the concept was just starting to get going when I was young. I had Budweiser-themed items when I was far too young to legally partake of that product (and long before I actually did); I just liked the look of the logo. This one, to be exact.

It still looks classier than most modern logos. I had bedding, t-shirts, and a couple of hats. I don't know what my parents thought of this, because they never said anything, nor did anyone else. Today I'd probably be put on some high-risk list for teen alcohol abuse.

The only other shirt I can recall that fits this thought was a Yale University T-shirt, and there was a story behind that. I attended Yale from 1974-76; Yale Middle School in Yale SD, part of my hometown Iroquois school district. I was a member of the last graduating class before it was closed and the building torn down. This being before the days when middle schools had their own clothing (compared to my daughter's and granddaughter's elementary schools having their own t-shirts) that was the closest thing available, especially since it didn't have the word University on it. As I recall it looked similar to this.....

although I think the large Yale was above the seal. It made a nice conversation starter with kids from other schools, at least for a shy geek like me.