Sunday, March 22, 2009

Looming Unpleasant Possibilities

Sunday morning, bad weather ahead. Thunderstorms are supposed to develop later today, get worse tomorrow, then turn to snow Tuesday. This after 70 degrees yesterday. Ah well, another reminder of the old state slogan "Land of Infinite Variety", or the less formal "If you don't like the weather, wait a little bit and it'll change".

I have the radio tuned to 1970s Casey Kasem again, and he just played a song from John Travolta. Lots of backing vocals and enhanced production, but he did an adequate job. It's interesting to recall his career track then. Singing, dancing, acting - for a while he could do anything. Then suddenly he couldn't get arrested. Classic oversaturation, I suppose. During that latter time he expressed a sentiment no doubt felt by many who went through the same thing, "I wasn't that good then, and I'm not that bad now". Then came Pulp Fiction.

My wife, daughter and Grandbaby went to Huron yesterday to do some shopping; they have three dollar stores there that my wife likes, and a movie/game store that my daughter likes. They met up with my Mom and my youngest uncle, who is living with her until he can get set up somewhere. He's been diagnosed with dementia; he's waiting for results from the VA hospital in Sioux Falls of tests they ran to determine if it's a result of a stroke or the onset of Alzheimer's. if it's the former it may be treatable. Having him associated with diseases like that cuts a bit close; I'm only 11 years younger. He's had a history of health troubles, and his siblings, including my Mom, are healthy, as is my Dad, but it's still a bit disconcerting.