Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Remember,They Make Stuff Up

Day off, wife and daughter at work, college basketball on TV. I don't follow basketball as much as I once did; I pretty much don't pay attention until the NCAA tournament.

The wife has a loaner car while the dealer apparently waits for the ore to be mined to make the part needed to fix her car. For a change the problem was discovered just before the warranty ran out and before Chrysler goes belly up. She would have been happy with an old beater to get her around, but they gave her a 2008 Versa hatchback. It's quite a step up from her 2003 Neon, which has been a good car for her but has Mattel-level fit and finish. The Versa is one of the cars on my list for replacing the old Escort mule when the day comes. I like hatchbacks and small wagons, and would prefer to buy locally, so the options are limited pretty much to the Versa and the Pontiac Vibe/Toyota Matrix (same thing).

I'm amused by the apparent CNBC/Daily Show tiff. I'm not sure what CNBC thinks it can accomplish by taking on Jon Stewart, other than some free publicity. It just makes them look even more foolish than they do with their breathless bloviating . It's always entertaining when Stewart has to repeat that his outfit is comedy, and that drawing equivalence between his show and an allegedly serious news program (although from what little I've seen of Jim Cramer he hardly qualifies) does the latter no favors. It says something both about the quality of the Daily Show and the blurring of the news/entertainment line that such a thing happens.