Thursday, June 19, 2008

Austin Powers vs. Hindus

Some Hindu groups don't like Mike Myer's latest film.

They say that in the West so little is known about Hinduism that even a parody like Love Guru could be misinterpreted by teenagers and give them a skewed view of the religion.

I think that I can safely assure them that anyone who watches a Mike Myers film knows better than to take it the least bit seriously.

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Unknown said...

I can understand why Hindus would be upset by the way their religion is being portrayed--not being a religious person, I figure all religion is fair game for satire. The thing is, satire is clever--it plays on the absurdity of a particular belief or argument. What Myers is doing isn't satire--it's the equivalent of fart jokes. Not that I have anything against fart jokes, mind you--I just like good ones. And Myers doesn't know how to do those anymore.