Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Divorced Without Consent

An Indian couple gets a nasty surprise.

Meena Verma said that she received the "shock of her life" when she filed a case of violence against her brother-in-law only to be told that she had in fact also been divorced from her husband nearly a decade ago.

Meena Verma's husband, Virender, said that he was solidly behind his wife and hoped for justice in court. Virender alleged that his elder brother - a lawyer - cooked up the divorce theory around about the first time the couple sought to complain against his violent behaviour 10 years ago.

Surinder and a number of other lawyers now face charges of misleading the court on the issue of divorce.

I would think the divorce laws could use tighening up too, although I can imagine how this could happen here if a couple of lawyers cooperated.

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