Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sugar Bush Squirrel

Salon led me to this site, which has apparently been around a while but has escaped my attention, possibly because I see enough real squirrels (admittedly not dressed up) that I don't seek them out on the internet.

I think this is a fair assessment......

The brilliant concept? Well, it's simple -- Florida resident Kelly Foxton dresses up her pet Eastern Gray squirrel in elaborate costumes and photographs her -- but the result is beyond warped. (I don't want to ruin all the punch lines, so let me just say this: Castro.) Oh, it's all so wrong. But then why does it feel so right? -- Sarah Hepola

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Dale said...

Having tried to squeeze cats into clothes a time or two, I can only imagine the patience it requires to dress this squirrel in such varied costumes. And then to photograph it.

Cool. The internets truly enrich our lives.