Saturday, June 28, 2008

Diving Nightmare

As if it wasn't bad enough for all involved in the Philippine ferry sinking......

Ten tonnes of endosulfan were illegally in the cargo, destined for a Del Monte pineapple plantation, officials said.

Exposure to endosulfan, an insecticide, has been blamed for mental and genetic disorders, skin diseases and nervous disorders, and even death.

Vice-President Noli de Castro said the consignment aboard the ferry had been bound for pineapple plantations of Del Monte Philippines.
He said the ferry operator had "a lot to answer for", AFP news agency reported, and warned it could face legal action over the breach.

I should think so. This adds to the other problems.

.....only the tip of the seven-storey ship's bow is above the water line, with the stern resting on the edge of a reef. At least 100,000 litres of fuel are also thought to be on board.

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