Thursday, June 19, 2008

Don't Make Me Write Jokes About You!

Shazia Mirza laments what technology has done to her:

Before Google I actually had hobbies, and before I started owning computers I actually had a life.

She did find it helpful in a dispute with a travel agency.

I have learned, from previously blackmailing people, that nothing scares a corporate person more than telling them you're a comedian. So I rang the travel agency again and told them that if they didn't put my real name on the ticket, I would name them and use them as material in my next comedy show. "Comedy?" screamed the woman on the phone. The staff refused to believe I was a comedian, concluding that I must be winding them up."Google me, then," I said.

A new ticket arrived in the post the next day. Google does have some good uses, after all.

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