Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Just Kidding About Your Friend Dying

Jon Carroll writes about an appalling incident at a California high school.

One day last month, representative of the California Highway Patrol visited classrooms to deliver some bad news: Some classmates of theirs had been killed in traffic accidents. Alcohol apparently was involved. The students, as might be expected, were stunned. Many wept. Some screamed. School stopped as people comforted each other.
Then, a few hours later, the administrators announced that it was all a joke. Well, not a joke - it was an educational experience. The administrators had set up the stunt to make the students understand how very sad death is, and how drinking booze and driving is a bad thing.

.....a majority of the parents in Oceanside thought there was nothing wrong with this little experiment.

I hope the parents who do think there was something wrong have contacted attorneys and plan to make every school board meeting pure hell until heads roll, because the people in charge of that school obviously have no regard for the students as human beings and shouldn't be in that line of work.

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