Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Woman and Her Body

Lemmonex clears the air with herself.

Body, I have done some awful things to you. I have not treated you the way you have deserved. I have let how you look affect my whole psyche. A lifetime of hatred towards you permeated my entire being. I lived in a strange space, where you were fully ignored and an all-consuming preoccupation.

I have compared you to countless other bodies. I have cursed you for having thicker thighs than the women I pass on the street, a fuller stomach than the girls at the bar and a wider ass than the lady sitting next to me at the coffee shop. You have been subjected to a lifetime of unrealistic expectations.

To quote a novelty poem/song; man, I'm glad I'm a man.


Lemmonex said...

I am still glad I am a woman, too.

Thanks for the link.

Ranting Student said...

Ha ha. Nice post.
I stumbled upon your blog, and decided to read. I'll make sure to come often, now.

Mike said...

Ranting student, glad to have you aboard. I'll try not to be too big a disappointment. Maybe someday readership will make double figures!

Lemmonex,I'm glad you're a woman too,cutie! Seriously,though, I'm thankful to have a 17yo daughter who has always gone her own way and not worried much about what others think. Admittedly she hasn't had a weight problem, which seems to be the main source of angst.

As a man surrounded by females (wife,daughter,stepdaughter,two granddaughters and another soon to arrive), I see all the little agonies involved in being female that I have never had to contemplate, and I think that a slightly reduced life expectancy (and even that difference is shrinking) isn't too bad a tradeoff.