Saturday, July 26, 2008

Any Woman Will Do, But Even Then Being a Musician Helps

Not long ago I noted a no-kidding study that said men get excited by women in bikinis. Well, another study says that not only isn't the bikini necessary, but the woman doesn't have to be especially attractive.

Research involving a group of male students found that their levels of the hormone testosterone increased to the same extent whether they were talking to a young woman they found attractive – or to one they didn't fancy much at all.

The rise in the male hormone may also be the reason why men are more likely to tell women exaggerated stories about their job, career, education and earnings, the researchers believe.

The results also show that testosterone levels did not change when they were in the room with another man.

The men were also asked to rate the attractiveness of the woman in the room, and the results show that the testosterone increase was not influenced by the perceived attractiveness of the women.

But if you're a man looking for a woman, being a musician helps.

Musical ability, along with other creative skills, are rather like a human version of the peacock's tail; something that has no survival value, but has evolved precisely because it is found attractive by the opposite sex. That's according to Geoffrey Miller of the University of New Mexico and author of The Mating Mind.

That could be why, or.....

There could be another explanation for this weird affliction, according to John Manning of University of Central Lancashire. He thinks musical ability is an advertisement of male health and fertility, and that's why great musicians are so sexy.

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