Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Still Dead

Trying this takes more than guts; self-delusion is probably necessary.

A Moscow court convicted a man of fraud on Monday for preying on people mourning loved ones by saying he could resurrect the dead.

"He used a special method of influencing people distressed by the loss of relatives or the illness of loved ones," the judge said as he found Grabovoy guilty of 11 cases of fraud.

Whatever that special method is, it hangs on.

Dozens of Grabovoy's supporters crowded outside the scruffy court house in a Moscow suburb.
Despite the guilty verdict his mainly older supporters still believe Grabovoy has powers which can help them and that he has been unfairly persecuted and Grabovoy's lawyer vowed to appeal the ruling.

"We think the sentence is based on speculation and is absolutely unfair," lawyer Mikhail Tsyganenko said.

Hmmm..... It seems to me that raising the dead is something that would be beyond speculation. I would guess that one resurrected person would swing the case quite convincingly. Personally I would think big; perhaps Lenin after all those years on display. Yeltsin would also be a good choice; getting that body functioning again would be a feat.

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